BTS (방탄소년단) 'Permission to Dance' Official Premiere Party on RELEASED

Watch BTS’ new video 'Permission to Dance’ MV (Shorts Challenge ver.)

On this episode of RELEASED, BTS talks with Chris Martin of Coldplay about the meaning and inspiration behind the “Permission to Dance” Challenge on AReye Shorts. The Week’s Official Premiere Party + Video Drop. RELEASED, every Thursday only on AReye.


  • Valeria Salomao Fernandes
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    Just had the time to watch this now. Cris is really an amazing person, and our boys are always humble but aware of the impact of their actions. This collab is on point 💜

  • Shilo7
    Shilo7ساعات قبل

    Honestly, RM (Namjoon) is so eloquent in what he says. He is such a deep thinker and the thoughts that man has and conveys (not even in his native language) is absolutely astonishing. But, looks like RM found a Kindred spirit in Chris Martin. I always respected Chris Martin, but now I can say I love him. What’s class act he is. They respect and care for each other bcuz they are made from the same cloth. Kind, classy, humble all the way!!

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    Hello bts😙😙

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    Anyone here after their collab with Coldplay for my universe? AMAZING SONG BTW

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    ※ ☺️ ⸜❤︎⸝‍

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    WOW so cute

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    hi v i really love you and kookie

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    J-정말 아름다웠으면 좋겠어 스타들 고마워

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    I'm always so proud of them😌💜

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    Wow 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    This is such a unique group..and will be written in history as the most influential people in the world for ppl of all ages

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    Jungkook, ilaçlar önümde.

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    Que hermoso❤

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    I need like more interviews between bts and other musiciu

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    Once jhope was in kiki challenge now their army's in their song its awesome

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    Oppa when u come India We are waiting and collating

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    How BTS made an impact in so many people's life...I am so moved each time I saw that...because they really gave me a lot of energy through many years already..and still this days of course. I can be more proud to be part of ARMY and I am thankful of this day of 2014 when I first encounter their music and videos 🥰 the inspiration they gave me since then... they helped me in so many ways 💜💜💜🙏🙏🙏💜💜💜💜 And I agree with everybody, this interview is sooo great 🥰🤗 thank you Chris 😊😊

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    coldplay and bts my universe in just under 24 hours

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    Collab with Arman Malik please Bts

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    HELLO BEAUTIFUL ARMY 💜Please pass this message on to your army friends. As we all know, Our Angel Jimin's Birthday is coming, so can't we gift something special from the army to Him? So the surprise is that all of us army will trending the song "Serendipity" and get this song up to atleast 200 million views. Now it is your turn to do it. Do not break this. At least convey this message to 15 people and watch the MV at least 10 times, our gift will be the best gift for BTS. So let's do it 💜💜

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    Los amo 😀😢son los mejores mis niños😘los amo 🐼💖animo mis niños los amo 💍🐰💝

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    Fiquei mó feliz com a legenda em português, porque aí eu pude acompanhar tudo que vocês estavam a falar.

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    Love suga

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    Dios mío , estos chicos son maravillosos cambiaron totalmente mi vida para bien , le doy gracias a el universo por darme esta oportunidad de conocer a personas geniales y talentosos como ustedes BTS , apesar de que solo los vea através de una pantalla transmiten todo tipo de sentimientos en mí , me motivan y me inspiran en realidad hacen más que eso , BTS hace efecto en todas las personas especialmente hacia las Armys , BTS es un ejemplo a seguir ♡ OMG these guys are wonderful they totally changed my life for the better, I thank the universe for giving me this opportunity to meet great and talented people like you BTS Even though I only see them through a screen, they convey all kinds of feelings in me, they motivate and inspire me, they actually do more than that, BTS has an effect on all people especially towards the Armys, BTS is a role model ♡

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    I dont know why but this video got me crying😭

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    Great my exams are ending on 24th what a peace

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    Once jhope was in kiki challenge now their army's in their song its awesome 👌 👏 👍 😍 💖 💜

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    뭐라고 요 이해 했어요 한국인 때문에 그 I. 아라비아 말 마코 번역 그러나 오히려 아라비아 말 😩😭😭😭💔

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    I’ve started to listening to Coldplay songs and watching Chris Martin’s interviews. Gotta tell that he is a really special wonderful man, so humble, kind, weird in his own positive way and always treating others with respect. Im just wowed. Now I get all Coldplay philosophy ✨☄️💞 Cant wait for the collab song 💜💜💜

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    Who want bts to come nepal

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    When He said "INDIA", I was like🥺😭

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    BTS isn't just a band but a movement, a force, and a change. They're making history and a positive impact in so many people's lives, as an ARMY , I'm so proud of them!

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    Are these guys are lesbians?

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    Acho muito emocionante o jeito que os meninos falam sobre os Armys 💜Foi muito legal ter o Coldplay nesse vídeo 👏👏 E eu queria dizer um negócio aos meninos: Não importar o que vcs façam,onde vcs estejam, mais nois,os Armys vamos sempre tá ao lado de vcs, sempre respeitando a opinião de vcs,e sempre tentando deixa vcs mais populares, mais resumindo TUDO,a primeira coisa que deixa todos os Armys felizes, é vê os sorrisos de vcs, aquele sorriso que aquece o coração de qualquer pessoa 💜💜💜💜 💜💜I Purple You BTS and ARMY💜💜

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    Coldplay & bts my universe this friday 24 september

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    You have 7 dudes....just 7....that have impacted the WORLD. All it took was SEVEN. But I do believe it would have to be these 7 to do ehat they have done nationally and I'm here for it . 💜

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